Initial Consultation

Our initial school refusal consultations are designed to offer you a customised level of support based on you and your child's individual situation.

We understand that one size does not fit all and so approach these consultations with a flexible and open mindset.

Throughout the process we ensure that you are fully informed and involved in establishing the best next steps.

Our personalised consultation services at Can’t Face School include;

  • Developing a Return to School plan
  • Action planning meetings with you to assess re-engagement strategies, impact of effectiveness, and re-plan next steps
  • Working closely with the school on your behalf to ensure they are supported and plans are followed through, 
  • Organise and facilitate school meetings and care team meetings, so that all staff are comfortable and have the right information to support the plan
  • Building the schools understanding of your child's needs during this time, 
  • Collate other professional work advice in a way that the school will be able to support in the classroom
  • Offering face to face and virtual meetings with your child
  • Observations and assessments related to supporting re-engagement in school

How much does it cost?

Personalised School Refusal Consultation is charged by the hour.

An Initial School Refusal Consultation costs $240. This includes a virtual 1 hour meeting going through background and contextual information, then we will send you a report with recommended suggestions and next steps.

An Action Planning Session costs $190. This is a 1 hour meeting to review your current situation and consult about navigating next steps. As we would have completed an initial consultation with you we will have all your information on file to provide detailed advice.

School Refusal Program Packages. These allow us to follow through with a Return to School plan for you based on our suggestions and next steps. The more hours in your package, the more impact we can have in a successful re-engagement back into school. Packages range from 10 / 15 / 20 hours.

We have a range of school refusal support services to suit different needs and situations and can help determine which is best for you in our FREE 15 Minute Consultations.

Can't Face School offer services to help coordinate teachers and other professionals, bring clarity to all the information that is going around, listen to what your child is saying, and make achievable step by step stages.

Book a FREE 15 Minute Consultation to find out how we can help.