About Us

Can’t Face School is a consultancy which advocates for parents who have a child struggling to attend school.

We are a team of school re-engagement specialists with extended experience leading schools and building staff capacity in understanding your child’s learning needs, and how to increase their engagement in education.

They know what neurodiversity looks like in the classroom and how to manage potential with it.

Our staff have experience as: ex Principal class members, teachers, have worked with allied health professionals, spent many years connecting positively with school communities and parents, keynote speakers at conferences on school refusal, coordinating re-engagement programs for kids at risk of dropping out of school, change makers in education, and all value the importance of a sense of belonging in a school community.

Our Mission

Simply, to have your child be excited about learning. Remember that feeling you had at school when a teacher really connected with you and made you feel like you could reach your potential?

Everyone deserves that feeling. That is our mission, to find that feeling for your child.

Our Story

Our staff have known that school refusal has been an issue for decades, and have dedicated themselves to understanding how to navigate the system, build positive relationships between schools and parents, and make young people feel a stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Can’t Face School began as a result of the pandemic and the huge increase in school refusal due to the social anxiety that grew amongst the community.

We saw a huge amount of stress in the parent community, and wanted to help relieve that stress, because we understand and we know how to do it.

Richard Crawshaw

Re-engagement specialist, Parent Advocate, and Trainer.

With more than two decades of experience, Richard has dedicated his career to teaching, specifically focusing on students who have become disenchanted with the traditional learning environment.

Richard witnessed firsthand the myriad of challenges students face in school, from overwhelming distractions to the struggles families encounter while advocating for their children and maintaining their own well-being.

With over 14 years of leadership experience, he possesses a deep understanding of effective educational practices and a commitment to ensuring that all students, particularly those who have disengaged or are neurodivergent, have equal learning opportunities.

He brings expertise in:

  • Educational leadership
  • Being inclusive of students who are Neurodivergent
  • Student re-engagement strategies

Our Values & Ethos

Respect and honesty. “Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance” means connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them to learn, rather than teaching them” ~ Richard Crawshaw

Our Difference

Because we know how this works, once we have a solid perspective on the situation, we cut through all the mumbo jumbo and get straight into it for our clients.

We offer a ‘removed’ perspective which we are told by parents is crucial because they are emotionally involved.

We know the system, we love working with schools, we know how to navigate the system, and know what will work and what won’t work. Schools staff are grateful for our work as it lightens their load.

We support schools by providing them with all of the relevant information so that they have a clear perspective on what the causes are for your child not attending school or not being engaged in the classroom.

As mentioned in feedback from our clients, we work in a “supported, safe and positive way”.

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