Action Planning

You are free to book an Action Planning session whenever you feel you need it.

These sessions go for 1 hour and allow us a chance to go deeper into your current situation, and allow us time to provide consultation advice on how to best manage it. 

We offer 1 hour session with young people to work with them about their progress and challenges.

We offer 1 hour sessions for parents as well to gauge progress and plan for next steps or support.

Common reasons to book an action planning session might be:

  • You’re stuck and don’t feel like anything is changing
  • You have a stressful meeting coming up and you want to brainstorm some notes to take in for it
  • You’d like us to talk with your child on their return to school plan and coach them with it
  • You’d like some advice on how to manage routines at home
  • You’d like to us to organise and clarify information for you, collating different Care Team member notes to make it friendly for the school 
  • You’d like us to attend a school meeting with you or even for you
  • You’d like us to do a school visit with you (or for you) in preparation for a transition to a new school or secondary school
  • You’d like us to organise a Transition plan for you for moving into Secondary school / prep

Our school refusal services are varied to suit different situations, budgets, and levels of involvment. 

Can't Face School offer services to help coordinate teachers and other professionals, bring clarity to all the information that is going around, listen to what your child is saying, and make achievable step by step stages.

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