Returning your child to school can take some time and we want to make sure we continue to build on progress made as it happens over time. A longer chunk of time allocation helps this happen.

Signing up for a Can’t Face School package means you are allowing us to go deeper in building a relationship with the school, giving us the freedom to do this in our own time (and the school’s time), and capacity build teachers in their implementation of the plan by not only sharing our resources but making sure they are actually going to work.

It means that we are free to make and receive phone calls, send emails, arrange meetings, and be more available throughout the course of the work.

Package options available:

Package #1: Start-Up Program

  • 2 x School / Care Team meetings
  • 3 x Action Planning sessions
  • Resource creation
  • Follow-up conversations for implementation

Package #2: Work it Out Program

  • 3 x School / Care Team meetings
  • 4 x Action Planning sessions
  • Resource creation
  • Follow-up conversations for implementation

Package #3: Extension Package

  • 4 x School / Care Team meetings
  • 5 x Action Planning sessions
  • Assessments / observations at school: (if applicable)
  • Diagnosis-specific capacity building (if applicable)
  • Resource Creation
  • Follow-up conversations for implementation
  • See below for some commonly asked questions.

Package #4: Comprehensive Package

  • 9 parent individual consultations 
  • 5 x School / Care Team meetings
  • Assessments: e.g. School Observation / Feelings About School Rating Scale (if required)
  • Diagnosis specific capacity building for school staff
  • Pathways recommendations
  • Resource Creation
  • Follow up with the school for support implementation

How long do packages last?

A package timeline is estimated to last for about 3 months or 1 school term, but this timeline can vary (shorter / longer) depending on progress. We won’t finish until we have said we will do what we have done what we said we will do.

When you sign up for a package, we’ll give you an individualised service agreement to review and sign (we sign it too) so that you are clear on the expectations of what will happen.

How do meetings work?

We chair and minute all of our meetings and make sure that all attending members have the collective notes and actions.

A school meeting can involve members from the school leadership, the well-being team, teacher(s) and teacher aides.

A Care Team meeting can involve school representative members (as above), psychologists, occupational therapists, tutors, counsellors, speech therapists, or whomever you may have involved.

Parents / Carers are welcome to attend any of these meetings, but if you’d like us to do it all for you then we will, that is why we are here. Sometimes, the conversation can be open and honest without the parent present, I say this with all due respect and as a parent myself!

How do I purchase a package?

In order to purchase a package you need to have an Initial Consultation so we can determine which package is best for you. You can book an initial consultation here. 

Check out our support services page to see other options.

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