Overcoming School Refusal: Creating Positive Change in Your Child's Life.

You're Not Alone, School Refusal is more common than you think. Do something about it.

Overcome School Refusal

School Refusal: Creating Positive Change in Your Child's Life.

You're Not Alone, School Refusal is on the Rise.


Parents & Carers

Our school refusal support services help your child return to school by listening, preparing, and encouraging them to feel confident and safe.


Teachers play a crucial role in helping students transition back to school. We offer training and support for educators.

NDIS Friendly

We are NDIS Friendly. You can use your NDIS funds for any of our services. 

Power to Make Positive Change

School refusal is a term used to describe the reluctance or refusal to attend school due to emotional distress or anxiety.

While it may be seen as a negative behavior, it can actually serve as an important indicator of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

By identifying the root cause of the school refusal and providing appropriate support and interventions, students can learn to manage their anxiety and develop coping skills that can benefit them not just in school but throughout their lives.

Over 90% Success Rate

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We've serviced over 100 parents, many of who have written in to share their satisfaction

20+ Years in Education

We understand the education system and how to make it work for your child

Transforming The School Experience, Together

1 on 1 Consultation

Face-to-face or Online

Packages & Payment Plans

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Advocating for both parent and child

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Unique level of support and service

Success Stories...

"As caregivers/parents, we need this business to expand rapidly because there are so many families that require this service. Sometimes it's not just the children who can't face school, but also the exhausted caregivers/parents who can't face it either! The support and advocacy that the Can't Face School team provides is invaluable. They can provide assistance from a removed perspective, which is crucial because we can be emotionally invested in our children. They know the system, how to navigate it, and what is reasonable, and can advocate for us caregivers/parents from a collaborative and professional standpoint."

— Pilsy T.
"The team at Can’t Face School have been an amazing support to our family during a distressing and challenging time. Their care and hard work has been integral to helping my son re-engage in school in a supported, safe and positive way."
— Katrina B.

"Can't face school supported us to navigate the challenges of both primary and secondary school advocating on our behalf whilst also including my son in any decision making with a collaborative, respectful and a positive neuro-affirming."

— Aaron P.

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