We totally understand that this whole process can be exhausting, frustrating, and completely draining for parents.

We also understand that it sometimes appears to be a lot of work for not much impact. 

We also know that it can be really overwhelming to navigate “the system” and bring together a lot of different professional advice. This is where our support can help simplify the process and bring ease to the whole experience.

The main thing we understand is that often parents feel like they are simply not listened to and what they say just doesn’t have any traction at all. Their child, and themselves, feel like they have been put in the “too hard basket”.

Can’t Face School staff know how schools work and know they are busy communities where information can sometimes get lost (not intentionally, I might add). 

People who work in schools do so for a reason, and commonly want the absolute best for each student. Sometimes, it just takes a third party, or an advocate, to help get things moving and schools usually welcome this support.

This is what we mean when we say advocacy.

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